Preventing Species Extinctions


To reverse declines and promote the recovery of species on the brink of extinction through scaling up financing and conservation efforts


Southeast Asia, as defined by the ASEAN region, is a hotspot for impending species extinctions. At a global scale, the region has the highest number of species categorized as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List and considered to be on the brink of extinction. Rapid and large-scale habitat loss driven by fast-paced development, together with rampant exploitation of wildlife and natural resources have been largely responsible for declining biodiversity in this densely populated region. There is an urgent need to scale up conservation efforts to prevent species extinctions.

How is this being implemented?

WCS is a founding member of the Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP), a consortium of partners committed to averting species extinctions by galvanizing financial and technical support. WCS is engaged with in situ as well as ex situ conservation efforts for ASAP species, is represented on the ASAP Governing Council, and is a core part of the ASAP Secretariat. WCS in Singapore will support scaling up financial resources to initiate and strengthen conservation efforts on Critically Endangered terrestrial (ASAP) species as well as threatened species of sharks and rays, integrating with the WCS Program priorities in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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