Responsible Trade and Business


To promote responsible trade and business practices and to actively engage private sector entities for the protection of WCS species and landscapes


WCS land and seascapes across Southeast Asia are threatened by unsustainable business practices. For example, land conversion for the production of internationally traded commodities, such as palm oil, timber, pulp and paper, coffee, copra, rubber, sugar and rice, represents the major driver of deforestation across the region. Therefore, there is an opportunity for private sector engagement to alleviate the key threats to biodiversity and support positive conservation outcomes in WCS land and seascapes.

How is this being implemented?

Land conversion for the production of internationally traded commodities such as palm oil, rubber, timber, pulp and paper, coffee etc represent major deforestation drivers at WCS landscapes in Malaysia and Indonesia. Research into the major threats and associated value chains in individual WCS land and seascapes identifies the sectors and companies that are most at risk of driving biodiversity loss. Companies with direct and indirect links to WCS land and seascapes can be engaged to increase their understanding of their risks and the opportunities associated with supporting sustainable production, procurement and tailored conservation solutions in WCS land and seascapes. Given Singapore’s significance as a regional finance and trading hub, WCS Singapore is well-positioned for private sector engagement in support of WCS country programmes. As well as those companies operating in, or sourcing from, at risk land and seascapes, end users can be engaged for their potential to support conservation activities. This could include companies directly supporting WCS conservation programmes or altering their procurement to proactively source from at risk land and seascapes, such as by supporting the development of, and demand for, ‘wildlife-friendly’ products.

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